Where can I buy CBD oil – So many choices

Oil On a tableYou finally have decided to try some CBD for whatever reason and you want to know ” Where can I buy CBD oil?”. Maybe you are not only looking for oil but other products as well and want to find a good source. In my first article, I discussed the legalities of CBD. Keep in mind the law about CBD and CBD products in your local jurisdiction and act accordingly.

All things considered, we as consumers have many choices today when looking to purchase a CBD infused products. We have choices as to the forms we consume as well. There are oils and concentrates, e-liquids, isolates, edibles, ointments and lotions, the list goes on and on. It is very easy to incorporate CBD into your health routine in a way that works for you.

Let’s talk about some choices that may be available for you to buy CBD oil and other CBD infused products. There are many convenient places and ways to make a purchase. Always keep in mind your homework about what to look for in a product. You want to also know what does and quantity you will start with as well.

Dispensaries in your area – If you have access

Medical_cannabis_neon_signIf you have a medical card or are allowed to shop in your local medical or recreational cannabis dispensary you will find a wide selection of CBD products. These products will even be available with different ratios of CBD to THC or no THC at all. The oils here will be of higher quality usually, and most take care to have an independent lab test potency and for any foreign substances not desired.

I know not all places are what we would call A-1, so your mileage may vary at your local shop. In a perfect world, your local shop would be the absolute best place to go with the best selection and most knowledgeable staff at a great price. If you find that place where you live, give a shout out below in comments.

The staff found in such establishments should be knowledgeable and be able to answer your questions’ about the products. Good questions’ to ask as always would be about the manufacturing methods and mediums used in the products available. Another good question is to ensure you are getting full spectrum oil if available from the flower. (unless you are looking for isolates)

You will not be given medical advice or dose for ailment type things because of FDA and local health regulations. It is not polite to not ask those types of questions of the staff and it puts them in an uncomfortable spot. There probably will be many signs and notices stating things like this in the dispensary, look around and be aware. Use other good resources available in books and online to answer those questions before your visit.

The varieties and selection of products available will vary. Some dispensaries greenhouses are growing and processing CBD dominant cannabis strains for themselves. Others may have many various brands and forms available or just one recommended brand carried. In a well-stocked shop, you will find all manner of CBD stuff like oil, salves, edibles, tinctures vape pens and even flower.

Local Retailers – These are the people in your neighborhood

Shelves at a Wellness StoreIf an over the counter experience is what you want, you might want to look to your local health and wellness store. These local stores are not a surefire bet for CBD products but you may find what you are looking for. You probably will find cold pressed hemp oils and hemp lotions, you might have to ask the owner if they carry or plan to carry CBD products.

Another surprising place where you might locate CBD oil or products is your local veterinarians’ office. A growing number of vets are recommending and stocking CBD infused pet treats, lotions, and oils. They may also have human quality consumables available as well.

No need to check with any of the national discount or retail chains at this time, none seem to be stocking CBD oils on the shelves yet. They do carry cold pressed hemp seed oil, but that oil does not contain CBD. Do not be confused about this, hemp oil is not rich in CBD and not CBD oil.

National health chains carry hemp-based products and oils, the labeling can be confusing so read carefully. At this time I did not find any with CBD present on the advertising I looked at. On any legitimate product, you should definitely see a listing of the contents of CBD. For any product that is a consumable, the amount of CBD present should be given by serving not the total contents. Where the hemp came from should be listed.

At this point in time, a local retail shop is probably not the best option. Availability and selection of products will be usually limited. The exception would be a local CBD shop. These types of specialty stores are starting to appear all over the United States. In the suburbs of Nashville Tennessee, there are a couple of them already. These shops carry CBD and hemp-based products and merchandise exclusively.

The selection is pretty extensive, and so far they have not been raided or threatened with shutdown. These owners are trailblazing the way for others to follow hopefully. The CBD available in these shops is 100% industrial hemp derived and not from flowers or cannabis. This is something to be mindful of when making a purchase. Industrial hemp derived oil is different in demonstrable ways when talking full spectrum. There is much debate on the efficacy of both the source of the CBD oil when speaking of full spectrum and the method it was extracted. Of course, you already knew that.

Ironically if the CBD was derived from hemp and not cannabis in California it is not for human consumption. That’s right because hemp is not under the control or regulation of the state cannabis regulatory authorities, the hemp is considered unsafe in their eyes.

California has imposed regulations on medical cannabis growers pertaining to pesticides, chemical additives and screening for molds, mildews or pests present in the finished products before being approved for sale. Hemp that will be grown or grown under the Farm Bill nor imported hemp do not have any of those regulations.

Vape shops – Breathe in the air

Vape GearIf you already vape and get your supplies at your local shop you may have already seen CBD oils and e-liquids available there. If your shops are like mine, the selection is very limited and the prices are extremely high. I do recommend if you want an over the counter experience even if you don’t vape, go to a local vape shop and look around.

My first CBD experience was from e-liquid purchased at a local vape shop. Traffic during my commute is heavy most every single day if it rains crank up the stress another notch. I loaded up my vape with this new CBD e-liquid and puffed all the way to work. My stress level was much lower than usual when I arrived, but the effect was subtle and noticeable.

If you smoke cigarettes and want to try harm reduction consider vape as a valid way out. It has worked for me and I no longer smoke cigarettes. I vape nicotine in very low doses and I am planning on stopping that next. Nothing combustible though for over 4 years now.

CBD vaping has seemed to really work as a commuting solution for me and my stress and semi road rage. I plan to substitute CBD for nicotine. I will be writing about it here, so come back and check in.

Order Online – The easy way, just do your homework

By far the easiest way to buy CBD oil is online. Many new suppliers and retailers of CBD products are becoming available daily online. I would advise extreme caution when choosing a supplier. The legitimate ones go to great lengths to make sure you know all about them, the hemp, and the processes used to produce their products.

States that are allowing and regulating growing hemp will provide certification the hemp meets certain requirements. The main requirement it must meet is the amount of THC present. THC cannot be present more than .03% to still be considered hemp. So look for suppliers that provide access to that information and are willing to tell you all about everything to do with their product.

Online every type of CBD derived product can be found. There are many reputable companies to fulfill your needs whatever they may be. Expect to pay more for full spectrum oils derived from the flower of a hemp plant or special cannabis strain that meets the hemp criteria. Hemp-derived products are less expensive and can be sold as full spectrum but I’m not buying it or paying extra for that.

Do your research and know exactly what you want before you go shopping online.

Let the buyer beware – It’s a hard world out there

Buyer BewareA buyer can go bargain hunting and find great deals or can look for the boutique quality stuff, it’s a choice. When looking to find a reliable, high quality, reasonably priced product it pays to get really educated. I will encourage you to learn as much as you can in regard to your particular need. So that when you ask ” Where can I buy CBD oil? ” you know when you make a purchase you get what you want.

There are a lot of inferior and outright fraudulent CBD products being offered. It pays to be on guard and to be quite particular with whom you do business with.

It’s very easy to see that the availability and range of things will vary for each person in different locations. Having a local CBD store or top-notch dispensary is the most ideal of all. Second on the list might be your local vape shop, but this will vary from store to store. I would say online is my first choice due to the variety and reliability of what’s already out there available. Online will probably be the only choice for a lot of folks, it’s a valid option.

I will be reviewing a few online products and sharing purchasing experiences as we go forward. I plan on being fair and honest about giving my opinion and experiences sharing them with any that are interested.

Stay Tuned,


5 Replies to “Where can I buy CBD oil – So many choices

  1. I was curious. My niece has a traumatic brain injury and is prone to seizures. She has been using CBD oil with THC in it to help, and so far it has worked ok. Do you happen to know of any CDB oils that have been tested on people with seizures? Have you heard of Charlotte’s Web? Thank you!

    1. Colleen I am sorry to hear about your niece. A traumatic brain injury is bad enough without the seizures. It is good to hear she is having some success with her treatments. I would not be able to recommend anything pertaining to her treatments, hopefully her medical team is working with the parents to get whatever they deem best for her treatment plan. Yes, I have heard of Charlotte’s Web products. They are high quality product line by CW Hemp. The product line is wide and varied. Mostly it is sold at brick and mortar stores. The Charlotte’s Webb line is produced by a good brand with a great reputation in hemp. Thank you for stopping by!

  2. Despite I’m so interested in CBD oil, my country is prohibiting the use of CBD or cannabis at all. That’s a bummer. But I’ve always been interested too much in cannabis products and the CBD oil is one of the most powerful substances of it.

    In the USA, as far as I know, there are apps that you can find the nearest Cannabis dispensaries. That’s a great demonstration of the use of technology for the good of humanity. The info you gave here is great!!!

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