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What is the best form of CBD – Hitting your target

Faced with so many choices when it comes to types and forms of CBD it’s no wonder so many ask: What is the best form of CBD for me? One of the reasons there are so many offerings and types on the market is because the best form of CBD for you will depend on what your target is.

We all have reasons for looking into adding CBD into our supplement routine or maybe even specific things we want to address.

  • Reducing stress or anxiety
  • Pain relief
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Easier and better sleep
  • Gastrointestinal health
  • A better sense of well-being
  • Post workout muscle recovery
  • Appetite control
  • Skin and complexion


The list can definitely go on and on, but each one of us usually has a motivating factor that leads us to CBD in its many forms. Let’s go over the most common forms available, the pros and cons of each, and how they relate to many common goals or benefits being targeted.

Bioavailability – How quick, how much and how long

Bioavailability is a measurement that tells us how quickly, how much and how long a substance is absorbed in our bodies. We may want to consider the bioavailability of the type of CBD chosen for our particular goals.

The highest bioavailability is from the nano-tech offerings like CBD water. Vapor has high bioavailability too and enables CBD to enter the bloodstream very quickly with little wasted. Taking CBD orally has the lowest bioavailability, taking longest to take effect and much of the CDB passing through the body without being absorbed. It can get quite complicated but do not let it worry you too much. Just be aware when deciding on how much you choose to take and what your particular goals are.


Edible CBD – Getting your fill

CBD edibles are widely available in many formats ranging from candy to baked goods. Edibles are popular especially with those who have no desire to have to fiddle with oils, capsules or vapor to get their desired dose. Another attraction is some things offered are very tasty and a pleasure to eat.

When consuming CBD edibles, the thing to remember is the effects will take a while before kicking in. Depending on how empty your stomach is will change the time it takes to start to work. The difference in time to take effect isn’t much from taking a dose of oil or a capsule but will be a bit more delayed.

Candies like gummy bears, chocolate bars, honey straws all are available for purchase online and in local shops. Some are all natural and some are standard snack food with CBD added. Some people also cook with CBD and make their own edibles. Many recipes are available if one is inclined to do it yourself. Depending on the interest we may do an article about the basics of cooking with CBD.

Edibles have a shorter shelf life and are not convenient for extended carry or storage. Also, if thinking about a daily use eating the same thing over and over presents a drawback. Edibles are a nice treat and can be used to augment another form of daily CBD supplement. The cost of edibles can also be prohibitive to have on a daily or frequent basis.

Edibles would not be the first choice for a person with a target requiring a daily dose without other compelling reasons.


Oral CBD – Down the hatch

Most all oral forms of CBD work about the same in time to take effect and length. Tinctures and oils taken under the tongue and swallowed will start to work just a bit quicker than a capsule or pill. Taking CBD orally is the most common form, oils, and tinctures being more common than capsules or pills or even vapor.

There are a few reasons tinctures and oils are the most common, one being availability. Many sources are offering high-quality oils and isolates at great prices. Another reason for the popularity is the convenience and ease of use they offer.

Capsules and gel caps are becoming more available and becoming more widely used. The capsules offer exact dosages, easy use, and great portability. The prices have come down a bit and are very attractive when looking at a daily supplement that is cost effective with all the conveniences offered in the capsule, gelcap, or pill form.

My personal experience is that the capsules release the CBD over a longer period than when I take the same dose of oil. The type of capsule can also affect how long it takes to be dissolved and released. Some capsules are filled with oil, these will break up the quickest and release all the oil into the stomach quickly. Solid or powder filled capsules will take longer to break down and release the dose slower.

CBD drinks are available in many forms from water, to lemonade shots. Drinks offer quick absorption and also hydration or pleasant taste. There are several nano-tech CBD drinks available if you have a need for instant effects.

For most people, oral CBD is the most cost-effective and convenient way to get their CBD. I prefer capsules, occasionally enjoying a vape before bed. The nice thing is there are so many choices and ways to hit your target.

Topical CBD – Spread the love

So many people report relief when using CBD topical creams and lotions. If your target is a particular joint, or you would like to target your skin then a cream or lotion would be exactly what you would want to consider. CBD has shown promising results for addressing inflammation and joint pain that is associated.

There are many great creams and balms available for a number of specific uses. There are combination products with Mentholatum and CBD for muscle and joint pain and or other additives. CBD and essential oils in lotions and creams for skin treatment and hydration. I personally have not used any of these products yet, but have read the many testimonials and scientific studies and am convinced there is definitely something to it.

My wife just had a knee replaced and we are going to be getting some topical treatment for this knee. We will find out what kind of results she has in the near future.

Vaporized CBD – Onward thru the Fog

The reason so many people like to take CBD via a vapor delivery method is that of almost instant effect and little to no waste. If you can get past inhaling a vapor as the delivery method, vapor can be very effective and budget friendly.

Having first discovered the first big benefit of CBD for me via vaping it I will always be a fan. Living and working in Nashville means I have a horrible commute, and it can really be a grind and stressed both coming and going. First I secured some good fairly high milligram CBD vape e-liquid and puffed on it during my commute. Immediately I really noticed a difference in my mindset the very first trip. The traffic did not annoy me quite as much, and I was able to relax and arrived at work and at home feeling much more at ease.

Vaping is great for that instant dose. You can have a pen loaded up or a tank and be ready to go almost anywhere. You may struggle with the amount of the dose when vaping so be aware it takes a bit of practice. I really find it good for those stressful or anxious moments or right before bed as a nightcap.

Enjoying wax and dabs is an attraction for some as well. Vaping wax, shatter or dabs can introduce a very high dose of CBD quickly. If you have a high dose need for your target then an isolate or shatter might be your best bet. Probably not a daily dose though. Price can vary for vape products. Isolates are the most economical and practical. Vaping full spectrum products introduce certain problems and you should do your homework.

Find what works for you and hit your target

The main thing to remember is that everyone is different and each person must find what works best for them. The first thing I had as a target was a stressful drive. I found that vaping hit that target. After a few days, I then noticed that if I vaped more I had a better sense of well-being and my sleep was getting better. After changing to capsules I seldom need any vape or additional doses of CBD to meet my targets.

A good steady does I take orally via capsule is what is working best for me. You will have different targets and hopefully, the information I have given will help you meet your target. Please share with me how you found what is working best for you in the comments below. Have you tried more than one form?

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2 Replies to “What is the best form of CBD – Hitting your target

  1. I have never looked that much into CBD products until now.
    It’s amazing how many ways we can apply this valuable gift.
    For a great part of my life, I was smoking the weed itself and also enjoyed many positive reactions.
    It may seem to be an awkward question but is there a CBD product that can stimulate the libido?
    I know from my own experience, that a bit of hemp smoking was able to do that.

    1. Hi Stephan!
      Sorry for the delayed response but I do appreciate your visit and comments. The wife just had surgery and our schedule is less than settled as of yet, but I digress.
      Consuming a full spectrum CBD product is not like anything with a good amount of THC in it. The psychoactive effects are different than THC and there are no euphoric rushes or high. It feels like a good session without the munchies, red eyes, giggling or forgetfulness really.
      As far as libido, I would speculate that if the libido problem is anxiety or stress related then CBD may clear the way for good things to happen. There is no extra blood flow or things like that. Lots of users report better sex, but it seems to depend on the user.

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