CBD Water is it hype?

What is CBD Water – is it just hype?

What is CBD water? It would be natural to assume that CBD water was nothing more than some water with a CBD extract added. You almost would be right, but you missed some big things along the way.

Let’s go over what goes into making CBD water and how it’s more than just a few drops of CBD in some bottled water. There may be a bit of hype surrounding the products, but I think we need to know what it is before we rush to judgment.

Nano Technology – Break it down

In order for CBD to mix with water, the CBD must be broken down. If it wasn’t treated in some way the CBD would just stick together and not dissolve at all. The mixing problem seems to have been solved using principles of quantum physics. It sounds complicated, but for our purposes, we only need to understand the very basics of what has been done and why its important to us.

The process starts when CBD isolate is exposed to sonic waves at a high frequency in a way that breaks it into nanoparticles. These particles are then infused to the water. What happens next seems to be producer dependent. Some infuse other healthful substances in addition to the CBD, while others make no additions at all.

These nano-sized CBD particles one-millionth of their original size can penetrate cell walls and be absorbed into the body fully with little to no loss. When consuming oils, edibles and regular CBD infused drinks there is a portion that is lost to the digestive system and passes through the body. How easily something is absorbed is known as bioavailability. CBD water has excellent rapid bioavailability and is the main selling point and the highlight of the products.

The Water – The base of the mix

We are talking about CBD water and know about the nano molecules but what about the actual water? The water in these products vary. None are claiming artisan mineral spring water from a tropical island or anything like that.

One company does go into how they emulate the evaporation cycle. When I read the whole description it translated to: ” We get city water filter it with a sand bed, do a low temp evaporation, then carbon filter it and finally add ozone”. Wow, just good old normal clean bottled water. Embellishments like that really don’t help create confidence in a company, but the water gets good reviews.

The water is not really the main selling point in these products and not what we are paying for. As the market develops we might see a high-end water team up for a nano-infusion of CBD, who knows?

Coincidentally, in the news Constellation Brands Inc., the parent company of Corona brand beers has made an almost 4 billion dollar investment in a Canadian Medical Cannabis company.

In the interview, it was mentioned they see a bright future in cannabis-infused beers and sleeping aid products (sparkling waters?). The market is moving quickly in the direction and acceptance of the commercial use of the cannabis and hemp plant as a whole.

All the water used in the products I researched were of good quality and definitely up to any normal expectation for personal consumption. If you like, there is a high alkaline water available at 9.4ph, most others will be neutral at 7.4 or so.

How does it taste? Cool clear water

One of the features that many find attractive and even preferable about CBD water is the taste. There is no detectable taste from the CBD at all. Because of the nano-processing the CBD is encapsulated in the water molecules and leave no aftertaste.

I personally do not find the taste of raw unflavored oils unpleasant, but if you do CBD water might be just the way you might prefer in that regard. The only taste to expect is that of a refreshing drink of water.

Another nice thing you can do is add a little flavor to it if you like. Putting a lemon wedge or a sprig of mint in your water would make an enjoyable way to get your CBD. The main thing to know is it tastes like water in case you had any question.

Working out – The perfect pre and post workout drink

CBD waters popularity has really taken off and there are a few reasons. People rave about how much better their workout is or their muscle, joint pains and recovery are helped by CBD. Using CBD waters as a pre or post workout beverage is ideal and many are putting CBD into their supplement routine.

With the demands on our bodies, a good work out produces it is expected to be sore and sometimes in pain afterward. We use menthol rubs, over the counter anti-inflammatories at times and we push through until we get better. Many athletes have found that CBD reduces that pain, swelling and improves recovery time and sleep. I will be doing more about exactly CBD can help athletes, so check back.

With the rapid bioavailability of CDB water, some have found it to work best out of the other forms of CBD they have tried. The only drawback can be the cost of the water. Each bottle can have up to 3 servings on average and can cost anywhere from about 6 dollars a bottle to 8 dollars, so it’s not cheap.

It may be worth the Hype – Is it worth the price?

I will have to admit I was completely skeptical when I started researching this article, but I am impressed. There is a lot of hype about CBD water and the technology is real and has easy to understand advantages. Rapid bioavailability is a fact of nanoparticles and the most exciting thing about the CBD waters.

With total absorption through nanoparticles, in theory, less of a dose should be needed and balance out some of the cost. I have read reviews and have yet to get a consensus on the less is needed topic. I also know of a couple of friends that only use CBD water for their needs and swear its so much better than oils. It depends on who you ask in the end.

As always it comes down to what works best for your body and what makes financial sense personally. It’s an exciting time in the world of CBD, many new products and new technologies arriving daily. I can not wait to see what is next. Two new of bottles on order to check out for myself, that is the only way I will know how it is for me. I’ll write back and let you know how it goes.


9 Replies to “What is CBD Water – is it just hype?

  1. This is just amazing. Making nano-particles of supplements so they can penetrate cell walls is very clever and something I had never heard of before. It’s so interesting how nature and technology can be combined to achieve optimal health benefits.

    1. Thank you Bailey. It is exciting technology and i am still diving deeper into it. I understand there are some concerns about the nano sized molecules being able to pass too freely. I will post here my findings in the near future. Thank you for visiting.


  2. Very interesting. I have used CBD oil for a long time, but knew nothing about CBD water. Will have to watch for it. I do have one question. When I take the CBD, I do it under my tongue, and hold it there for at least 20 seconds; usually longer. Will that method allow your body to absorb more of the oil that it would if you just swallowed it?

    1. Thank you Fran for the kind words. You are taking your oil the optimum way, it is absorbed much more easily under your tongue than your stomach. You do not want to just swallow it if possible, as you suspected you are getting more of it pausing before swallowing.

  3. Hi Doug.
    This is amazing information! You really did your homework and brought it back to us, easy to understand.
    I must admit I don’t understand all than nano stuff but the way you explained, it was easy to get the gist of it.
    Basically the CBD is broken down small enough to enter the bodies cells, where it does its magic! Is that correct?
    This is the first time I have read about CBD water though.
    I think they are on to something here.
    Thank you for educating us. You are a very good author and make your writing very interesting.
    All the best to you and your site 🙂

    Di 🙂

    1. Welcome Diane! I am glad to offer you something useful. There is so much technical information out there but it is very dry reading and hard to decipher at times. Here I am trying to digest some of that information and make it more easily understandable and hopefully a good read. I will be doing much more specific health related posts in the future. I hope you return.

      Warm Regards,

  4. This is an amazing and informative article. Thank you to whoever wrote this. Can not wait to get some manipulated cbd water.

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