What is CBD Oil for Dogs - for my dog, really?
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What is CBD Oil for Dogs – for my dog, really?


What is CBD oil for dogs? That is exactly what I thought the first time I heard someone talk about giving some to their dog. I know that cannabis was not good for a dog and it is cruel to give any to one ever.

THC can cause severe problems for dogs nervous system and can be toxic. I couldn’t quite understand how CBD wouldn’t possibly have a similar negative effect.

It turns out that CBD will not cause a problem for a canine and actually can be very beneficial. Let me explain how CBD can help improve our dog’s well-being. After all, a happy, healthy dog is what we all want right?


Endocannabinoid System – Very much like ours

Our dogs have an Endocannabinoid system that performs the same types of functions our human one does. It regulates nerve functions, stress recovery, immune functions, energy intake and storage, cell life cycles, and the circulatory system. The Endocannabinoid system in the most important line of communications for neurotransmission in our dog’s body.

Cannabinoid System for Dogs


Help for many common conditions – anxiety, pain, and stomach


Many adverse health conditions are caused when the Endocannabinoid system gets out of balance and the receptors are not working as they should. As you can imagine this creates issues with the regulation of all the parts of the brain and body connected to the endocannabinoid system.

A slight imbalance can manifest itself in many ways. Your dog may not have much energy and is lethargic, or perhaps very skittish and jumpy. You might have noticed a limp or a groan and when they have to go upstairs or jump up onto something like getting in the car.

There are so many things that an imbalance can look like I will not attempt to list them all. The main thing is we see a difference in our dogs’ normal behavior or routine and we know its not right. Eating habits, sleeping habits problems when relieving themselves. A CBD supplement might be a good answer.

Seeing a change is a good time to intervene with some type of help before anything gets worse. Of course, we go to the vet for anything of any seriousness, but what I’m talking about is a notch down from a vet visit. Another good time to perhaps considering adding CBD to your dogs’ supplements is when they have certain personality traits that you would like to see toned down in your dog’s personality.

It might not be a personality trait that triggers these behaviors but a sign of stress. For instance, some dogs are absolutely terrified at the first sound of thunder, you can see it in their eyes. Other dogs get startled easily and snap at people out of fear, or bark incessantly at the slightest noise.

A huge body of dog owners has reported great results using CBD to solve some of these common issues. They usually report a much more calm and happy dog. It’s been pretty amazing.

Overall wellness – everything just works better

Giving your dog CBD oil or CBD products will improve you dogs endocannabinoid system and the receptors will be balanced. It takes a week or two to really see the difference but most owners do have such experiences. Some report seizures all but stop, growth and tumors have also been reported to either stop growing or even shrink.

My friend that first told me about giving CBD to his dog Skipper for his hip pain. Skipper is a big dog and has bad hips, the pain was slowing him down and he was really suffering. Once the CBD was added Skipper got around much better and handled the cold Colorado nights much better. It’s always good to make or companions lives better.

So just a small dose for maintenance and more as needed when trying to address specific issues. Most all the producers have different strengths divided by the dog’s weight. They need far less than we do as an effective dose.


Safe for your dog – Gentle and all natural

CBD is non-toxic to our dogs and is a natural cannabinoid that works with the endocannabinoids made naturally in the body. There are many convenient ways to administer the CBD to your dog. There are treats or many types, tinctures, sprays, and regular oils. All can be added to your dogs’ regular food or water with no problem. Follow the manufacturer guidelines for starting off to make sure your dog does not have any negative reactions before going to your initial target dose.

Remember you can adjust the dose more or less based on your dogs’ reaction and your results. There is no harm in ongoing use as a supplement.

Of course, use the same care when sourcing your dogs’ products as you would for your own. There are all levels available, from all natural vegan, to off the shelf equivalents with fillers… so as always do your homework.

CBD is a compassionate answer – Getting old hurts


If someone asks you ” What is CBD oil for dogs? ” Tell them its a godsend and a real gift for dogs to help them.

Like us, our animals’ age and age brings aches and pains and sometimes other unpleasant daily issues we deal with. Our dogs experience much the same thing.

Thankfully CBD has been discovered to help our four-legged friends in a mild and effective way. I know I do not like giving my puppy Benadryl, aspirin or Tylenol, it just feels wrong if I can give them something much more gentle on their body and works better or in tandem with other treatments.

I do recommend getting some CBD for your dog if you see any of the symptoms we have talked about above and see if you can see a difference. Your dog will appreciate you for it.

  • Get high-quality Dog CBD products here: MediPetsCBD
  • If your dog is on medication and under the care of a vet, always consult before giving CBD to your dog.

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  1. Fantastic article. I have been hearing so much about CBD oil. I was curious if it worked for dogs and searching the web I came across your article. I must say WOW works with dogs as well My dog has been having anxiety issues and I’m definitely going to give it a try. Thank you so much for this very informative article. I’m glad I found it.

  2. Thanks, David, I am glad you found it informative. I hope your dog gets relief. Check back and let us know how it goes if you have the time.

    Warm Regards,

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