How to buy CBD oil online – Know what you are doing


The actual purchase of Cannabidiol (CBD) oil online is just like any other online purchase. How to buy CBD oil online? Let me tell you how to get the oil that you intended online. In previous articles, I have given an overview of things to look for when deciding on the type of CDB oil you want. This article I will go a little deeper into the subject of online buying and into various things to look for from an online supplier. In addition, let’s go over the basics of shopping online safely, it never hurts to be reminded of best practices when shopping online.

Reminder: depending on your location will dictate the amount of your legal exposure. Please act accordingly, we are not telling you to put yourself in legal jeopardy nor break the laws of your state or country.

Decide what kind of oil you want – Do your research

Depending on what type of CBD extract you want in your oil dictates options to buy. Some producers only offer one type of extract. If you are looking for a particular grade or dose of full spectrum oil it might not be offered by a particular supplier. The same is true if you are looking for an isolate type oil in a particular flavor or strength…

  • CBD extract – isolate or full spectrum
  • Your choice depends on your intended use.

The next thing you want to make sure of is the origin of the plant material used and anything distinguishing about it if looking at full spectrum oil extraction.

  • Full Spectrum Oil – You can get oils derived from US grown hemp or imported industrial hemp online.
    • US grown hemp is preferred (grown in states like Kentucky, Colorado, Tennessee, California), avoid imported hemp if possible to get the best possible product. The reason being the Hemp farmers growing in those regulated states have regulations pertaining to the use of banned pesticides and other factors relating to a safe product. Although some hemp that is imported will say it meets certain EU Green standards, make sure if you source this type. Lastly, it never hurts to support our hemp farmers, so please buy American if you can.
    • Remember hemp is used for land remediation to leach out the heavy metals and other contaminants. The hemp grown on plots being remediated should be avoided being used in products meant for any kind of consumption at all cost.
    • Was the extraction of the CBD oil done with or include primarily stalks and stems or done from mostly flower and leaf materials?
    • Stalks, stems, and seeds contain little if any CBD and minimal entourage agents.

A final consideration of the CBD component of the oil is the method it was extracted and or distilled.

  • Extraction processes – Many extracts are obtained using toxic liquids and known carcinogenic gases that must be removed after being added. Obviously, we do not want to consume a product with any residue or leftovers from the wash and take the risk of exposure.
  • These processes if done to perfection claim it is possible these bad substances are refined and not present from the finished product. Lab analysis shows otherwise. It is possible and there are a few reputable outfits with good lab results and manufacturing techniques.
    • The CO2 extraction process is the gold standard for obtaining a clean extraction from hemp and cannabis plant material although more costly.
    • There are some boutique quality offerings that use a soaking and filtering technique. The oils used are MCT oil and or olive oil. This has not become an industry standard due to low CBD content in most current commercial hemp varieties. More strains have developed this type of processing may become more common.
    • We want third-party testing performed to confirm a successful clean extraction. Testing will also show us just how much of what is present or not present, like THC. Some products have documents that come in the package, others have the testing on display on the web. Make sure and look over the testing and certificates offered to make sure they are legitimate.

The last consideration is flavorings and any other additives that may be present in the oil. I personally do not find the taste of a very raw oil bad. Raw full spectrum oils will retain much of the original plants’ flavor profile. This means raw full spectrum CBD oil tastes very earthy, sometimes bitter and pungent.

Some oils will be mixed with a pleasant natural oil to offset the taste. Usually, Isolates will be done like this and be offered in every imaginable natural flavor. A nice soft coconut oil with an isolate goes down very easily and is easy on sensitive pallets. Coconut is just a commonly added oil, you will find many others offered like peppermint. Some isolates have no flavor at all and can be added to any liquid without affecting the taste.

If you are sensitive to such things be on the lookout for artificial sweeteners, dyes, and flavorings. There are many offerings using these types of additives. Check the producers’ website to get a full listing of what is being used and choose accordingly.

What’s a fair price – know your options

The price for CBD oils varies widely. The offerings will all be priced by the concentration claimed to be present in the oil. The amount will be expressed in milligrams. Expect to pay from ten cents all the way up to a fifty cents per milligram for your oils.

The price will vary depending on the type of extract and the quantity you purchase. Of course, some bottles look very exotic with very intricate labeling and some companies have extensive web advertising campaigns. As a consumer, I know these types of overhead also get figured into what I am paying.

When you do your research try to remember just because you see a certain brand the most, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best or the best value. I personally prefer to find the #2 #3 players in a given market because they want my business more and will try harder. One way they try is by a really good value offering.

Once you look at the actual oils you will soon see that the oil is the separating decision factor. You will find that the competition will be down to a few because the others offer an inferior product. We want good customer service too not just legit oils, luckily the internet is around and bad actors get called out quickly.

Just because it costs more will not mean it is necessarily the best. A super low price doesn’t necessarily mean bad oil. The main thing to remember is the price should not be a standout usually. You want to find a nice middle ground with price and explore those options. After you have a bit more experience with purchasing oils and exploring what you like, you might then look for the rock bottom for the particular brand oil that suits your needs.

How much oil will you need – Have a dosage plan in advance

Depending on the need desire you plan on using CBD oil will determine how much you will need initially. Your dose is a very personal thing with so many variables that no one should tell you any exact dosages needed, only guidelines. If someone does offer this type of advice for a specific condition or malady they are not only breaking the law, they are speaking of things they do not know for sure.

There are some agreed upon guidelines for introducing CBD oils into your body, but your results will vary. More is not always better for sure, in fact, it is recommended to start low and gradually work your way up. See how your body reacts or if you notice any other changes before any increases in dose or frequency.

Once you know you are not having any undesirable effects (extremely few do), you can increase the dosage as desired in small measured amounts and change the times administered until you are getting the desired results for your particular need.

  • If you are attempting to address a specific serious health concern or issue first of all see your doctor and seek medical attention. Do not attempt to treat serious health issues on your own or without advisement.

What we are speaking of here is normal day to day good health and minor aches pains etc… By all means, research the topic or concern and get feedback from others and see if a higher dose worked when a smaller one did not.

Do not give up too early CBD is subtle little more may be the right solution. Remember you will not feel high or even get a rush when you take CBD oils, just because you don’t “feel” it right away does not mean it isn’t doing its thing.

If you have been getting your CBD oils locally and are looking either for a different type or brand you probably already have an amount or dose that works for you. In this case, it pays to look for a better price. If you plan and get more at once, or get a re-occurring order you can save a bit.. Buying a larger quantity greatly reduces your cost per milligram.

Remember good storage methods and pay attention to expiration dates on your products. Keep in a cool dark place in a sealed container or storage bin. In a drawer will work but a fridge would be ideal.

There are some extremely high concentrate levels CBD oils available. These high concentration oils will last a little longer because less is needed per serving. Once you know you are committed to using CBD regularly, my recommendation is to seek out these high concentrates and look for those bargains.

Choose your supplier – all of your questions answered

All suppliers have a website and will have all sorts of information about their products and oils. Pay close attention to the wording and make sure the things we have been discussing and questions posed are answered to your satisfaction.

If you have a question that you do not see addressed on the website then by all means call or email them. If you don’t see a way to make contact leave the page. When you send a question or make a call and do not get an answer either right away or soon, cross them off of your list.

Look for these as requirements:

  • Does the supplier offer any certification or documentation about the source of the plant material? This I think is a requirement for anyone you wish to purchase from.
  • Is there a clear refund or exchange policy that is easy to understand?
  • Does the supplier engage third-party testing to certify potency and the products are contaminate free?
  • Are the shipping costs clearly posted?
  • Are the oils labeled in such a way that you know how much CBD is present per serving not just by the total amount?

The last thing to make sure of when making an online CBD oil purchase is does the supplier make medical claims? I don’t mean do they have extensive literature about known medical effects of CBD (anti-inflammatory, easing of anxiety, sound sleep), not things like that.

What I mean is it being offered a “cure” for anything? If a supplier is making these kinds of claims they are breaking the law and not the kind of place you want to do business with. These here-today-gone-tomorrow sites are nothing more than scams and rip-offs. If you can’t find out much on a producer all I can say is “Do you want to be the test subject?”.

There are many reputable suppliers that can easily meet the standards I have outlined above, there is no need to go out trying to find a great little unknown supplier. If you don’t know the folks personally it’s just a risky gamble.

Be a smart shopper and do your homework – it pays to be educated

If you want to go over best practices for general shopping online this is a great page that gives great advice. Always use smart practices when making a purchase or filling things out online. Staying with know good suppliers is another way to shop safely.

Toms – 11 Ways to stay safe online shopping

Now that you have some good guidelines about buying CBD oil online you can feel better knowing you will take a good decision with your purchase. Buying CBD online is not difficult, and it is not hard to find a high-quality oil for a good price, the value is out there. It is up to us to find it and reap the rewards.

I have purchased oils online and have very good experiences. Look for shopping and product reviews about CBD oil and other CBD products here soon.  I also will be compiling a list of known good suppliers and sites to compare. Please check back and if you have any questions or comments please leave them below, I would love to help.

All the best,


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