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Healthworx Review – CBD Hemp Oil Capsules

I am quickly becoming a fan of CBD capsules and the conveniences they provide. I like the oil for the ability to adjust a dose on the fly, or even to find your sweet spot. Once you know about where you want to be I think capsules are just so much easier and ensure I consistently take my dose and at the right amount.

These Healthworx capsules have been a pleasure to review. Everything from placing the order all the way to opening the bottle has been first class and just about ideal. With the sale price, I feel like this is a great bargain and was hoping the product or the ordering experience would not let me down.

Healthworx: 750 Series Hemp Oil Capsules Product Overview


Product: Healthworx 25mg Full Spectrum CDB Hemp Oil Capsules

Container Size: 30 Count

Strength: 750 mg Total – 25 mg CBD, 800 mg Organic MCT Coconut Oil per capsule

THC: < 0.03%

CBD extract Type: Full Spectrum

Hemp Origin: USA \ Colorado

Production Location: USA \ Colorado

3rd Party Tested: Yes (

  • Recent Testing results available on the product page

Cost: $89.99 suggested retail – Currently On Sale @ $49.99

Where to buy online:

My Rating: 5 out of 5

Healthworx 750 series hemp oil capsules are full spectrum capsules at a 25 mg strength. Visiting the Healthworx website you will have no trouble navigating around. Everything is easy to read and I liked the layout. Finding the capsules was easy and I had no trouble checking out and placing my order.

Email notifications confirming the order and soon after tracking information arrived. The package came in three days, I was happy. Healthworx has a seven-day return policy so no worries there. I had no need to return my order and everything went off without any hassle or surprises.

Let me take you through the rest of the review and how I found the product to stack up in the areas I think are important to consider.

The Packaging – High Quality

There was no box only the bottle which arrived very well and protectively wrapped. Inside the bubble wrapped mailing sleeve was a color insert with some infographics about CBD and facts about the Healthworx company and their products and a nice Healthworx CBD sticker for my laptop.

The bottle had a shrink-wrapped collar over a regular cap (not child proof), under the cap was a tamper resistant seal. Inside the bottle were a cotton plug and 30 glistening golden oil filled capsules.

The label was thorough and easy to read. Listed ingredients of the capsules:

  • 25 MG Hemp CBD
  • 0.75 ml MCT Coconut Oil (800 mg)

These are filled with oil. You can see the oil flow in the clear 2 piece vegetarian capsule shells as you handle them. No additives or buffers in the oil, very pure no additives.

The color of the oil is a very pleasing shade of gold. This is a very highly filtered oil and the color reflects as such. It’s as if they took a bottle of oil and precisely measured out 25 mgs into each capsule and sealed it.

  • Liquid filled capsules must be handled with extra care and kept in a cool dry place to prevent leakage

The Aroma – Muted but there

When I open the bottle I was expecting some sort of terpene smell of some type of hemp. I was not disappointed, however the aroma is quite muted, but it’s there and has a uniqueness that is pleasing. The notes are not as pronounced as the last hemp capsules I reviewed but they were not oil filled either. The packaging is high quality and did not have any plastic or chemical off notes.

The aroma of a hemp capsule bottle is not really a sign of high or low quality unless it is of a foreign nature like plastics or chemicals. Oil, especially when sealed tightly in these types of capsules should not put off much or any smell.

One does not want too much aroma as it indicates oxidation is occurring in whatever substance you are getting a whiff of. With these oil capsules, the shelf-life should be superior to powder filled capsules as oxidation is not an issue. Of course, this is only my opinion but would love to see some comparisons done.

The Effects – Quick and Steady

The effects of these oil filled capsules seemed to come on almost all at once they started. Taking the capsule with my coffee and a bagel in the morning before my commute, usually, within 15-20 mins I could feel it working at full strength and stayed at a good level all day for around four and a half to six hours. With the buffered powder filled capsules the effects ramped up more slowly and lasted a little longer I believe.

When taking a daily 25 mg dose I prefer mine right after waking up and want to be in the maximum effect curve through mid-afternoon. With these capsules, I accomplished these goals. After the six hours is up I am still in a good place and feeling well. The consistency is there and I did not have any issue in that regard.

I really am impressed with the quality of the oil in these capsules. The effects have been on point and no reflex or burping hemp terpenes with these so far even when I have taken one on an empty stomach. With the powder filled capsules, I really tried to avoid taking them on an empty stomach.

These capsules seem very gentle on the stomach which is a very nice thing, especially for my wife that is extremely sensitive to anything she takes in. She says this is her favorite capsule so far we have tried and likes the way they look too.

Value – Get them on Sale

With a retail of $89.99 I would say that these would be a fair value.

  • Good high-quality oil made from American grown hemp
  • Third party tested,
  • produced in Colorado
  • Healthworx is a company with a great reputation for high-quality goods and customer service
  • Full Spectrum CBD for maximum benefits

The good news is that these capsules are available for $49.99, sometimes even lower with flash sales and special coupon codes. While these are on sale at that $50 price they are highly competitive. I can say with no hesitation they are a great value.

The Verdict – Is this something I would recommend?

Very pleased with these capsules and the overall buying experience. What more could I ask for? The price is great and the product is of the highest quality. I like the added flier and sticker added in the package a nice touch and not too overboard either. I didn’t feel like I was paying for flashy packages and such. Free shipping for all orders over $99.

Healthworx is a family run shop and the website and the product have a very nice warm feel. I love recommending products from a company like Healthworx. They seem to really strive to produce the best product at a fair price and present CBD in a good and positive light.

Their website has lots of good information and they also carry a wide selection of products. Healthworx is a good company and I will be trying out some of there other offerings soon.

If you are looking for a good capsule to use for your daily or occasionally then Healthworx 25mg full spectrum CBD oil capsules would be a great choice. I give them a 5 out of 5 for this offering.

You can find this product and other CBD related goods at

If you have any questions or input about this review please put them in comments below.

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