Cheap CBD oil -Somethings not right
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Cheap CBD oil – Somethings just not right


Cheap CBD, we all want the most for the least we can pay. Remember, a fool and his money are soon parted, don’t get fooled. The experience of looking for a deal online and finding that price that gives us pause is something we all can agree is enjoyable. Don’t get caught up at the moment and get ripped off looking for cheap CBD.

First I am going to say it: Do not buy CBD oil or products at roadside convenience stores. There are so many reasons why it is a bad idea I can’t even go into it all here. Besides, there are many other better places to shop.

Read below before making an impulsive purchase on CBD oil just because the price is cheap. If you take in these recommendations and put them to practice I believe you will never buy your CBD on the roadside or a questionable source again.

The Product – Is it apples to apples?

Sometimes the price listed is lower between one offering and another, there are always reasons. Be aware that the price difference usually reflects a difference in the product. When comparing CBD oils and other products, make sure the questions below are answered and each product is the same you are comparing.

If you find a difference it will be because one of these bases are not covered. Personally, I will not consider a purchase if the questions are not answered to my satisfaction.

  • Is the amount of CBD contained within the product clearly labeled?
  • Is the source of the hemp specified?
  • Are there third-party testing results available, preferably at a batch level?
  • Does the manufacturer specify where and under what standards the product was made?
  • What method was used to extract the CBD?
  • Is the extract an isolate (CBD only), or is it full spectrum (CBD plus all other beneficial compounds from the plant as well)

Price can determine the best deal in many circumstances, just make sure you consider the other points listed below too. Purchasing a product is a bit more than just exchanging money. The way the exchange occurs and how the product is delivered is important to most.

Clearance items – Nobody wants it?

Cheap CBD oil can be had as a clearance item. Why would such a thing be on clearance? Usually, there are two or three main reasons you will find.

  • Expiring merchandise
  • Slow-moving merchandise
  • Obsolete or updated packaging

Let’s talk about expiring merchandise. Expiring means there is a use by or best by date of the oil or product. There are good reasons for these dates that we must pay attention to. One reason is potency, CBD like other compounds break down at one rate or another depending on conditions and other variables. As time goes on the potency of the oil or product will not be as expected.

The suspension of the CBD in the oil or other liquid products can also start to separate and make the dosing very inconsistent or impossible due to clumping. One sign is a ring around the bottle or dropper. The older the product, or as the suspension breaks down, the build-up will get worse, eventually, clumping on the very bottom of the bottle.

Slow-moving merchandise doesn’t necessarily be getting past its expiry date, but the vendor may have overproduced or ordered a product. Now there may be a reason the oil or product is moving slow.

Maybe it’s a signal yellow vape pen with ponies painted on it… It seemed like a good idea at the time. Or perhaps the new flavor addition of asparagus wasn’t quite the hit it was in the focus group.

As long as you are aware that the item is close to the expiry date or the description is clearly labeled then these can be worthwhile deals. A deal where you may find some cheap CBD.

My favorite place to find cheap CBD is when package updates occur. The manufacturer updates their packaging and this leaves lots of stock with old packaging or labels. When this occurs is a great time to make a purchase and double up if possible. The products are all first quality and well within expiry dates and the only problem is the old label. I think you will agree this is an optimum time to save money.

The Company – Do they have a track record?

CBD oil and other products have been available long enough now to say the market has developed past infancy. There have already been a number of failed companies for one reason or another. On the other hand, many companies have thrived and grown. It is no problem to look up a company on the web and read about how long it has been in business and what kind of reputation they have.

There are many established suppliers to choose from without having to take a chance on an unknown. Some of these suppliers may stand the test of time and gain a reputation, but do you want to take that chance just to save a few bucks? Great deals can be had with the established vendor’s, so I choose and always suggest that path.

If you see a price that is just too good to be true or the first time in your dealings with a company, look them up. If you have trouble finding much information, this is a red flag and should let you know right away you don’t want to make that purchase at this time. I have bookmarked such companies and went back the next month only to find the page is gone or domain up for sale. No thanks.

Most all the established suppliers are members of multiple hemp trade organizations. Membership in the trade organizations indicates another sign of commitment to the business and not some just some shady outfit peddling sub-par products for a quick buck. Many also are members of the Better Business Bureau, another indication of a business maintaining good visibility and working on establishing a good reputation.

  • Stick with established vendor’s with a good track record and has all of their contact and location information including phone number listed on the website. Remember when in doubt email or call the company with your questions.

Reviews – Real customers, real experiences

Any time I am making a purchase for any product I always look for reviews. Reviews help us to experience the product and buying experience without having to actually do it. Always look for other sources other than only the vendor’s website. I am not saying you will not find real reviews but I would advise to take them with a grain of salt.

Type the exact name of the product you are considering and add the word “reviews” into your favorite search engine (I like Google) and hit search. You will find many real user experiences and even videos about the product or company. In the wild world of CBD supplements, I can’t recommend doing this enough.

I have gotten so much good advice and recommendations from these searches and also found unexpected answers to my original problem. Something like ” I tried tincture for my anxiety and it was OK, but when I tried vaping it worked even better”. I didn’t even know about “vaping” and got it first and it did work great.

Check for reviews and get confirmation the cheap CBD oil you have found has pleased or satisfied others before spending your money.

Hidden Charges – Read the fine print

You have done all of your research and everything is checking out. The deal looks good and you are ready to buy. Slow down just a little longer, you need to check on one more thing. There are several vendors out the offering “Introductory deals or pricing”, make sure you mean to take this deal.

The way an introductory deal works is the first order is substantially discounted and much cheaper than the regular purchase amount. Free shipping may even be included on the first shipment. Sounds good so far right? After the first shipment depending on the fine print, you may have enrolled in a monthly auto shipment of your original order at full price with a hefty shipping and processing fee added or maybe even triple the amount of your first order.

The details are clearly laid out on the checkout page, unfortunately, many people click without reading the fine print. In the meantime, your debit or credit card shows up with an unknown deduction and the next package arrives. Now you have the sheer joy of dealing with getting the charges stopped and reversed, the products shipped back and that is if everything goes as expected in that crummy situation.

Shipping and handling is another place you can be hit with unexpected costs. Make sure when you order the extras are all listed line by line with the total and that they are as expected. A bit of inattention here can potentially cost you.

Be careful, it’s not cheap if you get hit next month for more then the difference you would have saved by going to a trusted supplier.

Get a good deal – Don’t be cheap

I have done my best to prepare you to look for cheap CBD without getting bad CBD or having a bad shopping experience. We all want a good deal and no one wants to get less than they paid for, so take heed to this article. If the price looks too good to be true, it probably is. Just make sure the oil or product is exactly what you are looking for before shelling out hard earned cash.

For a good deal on CBD oil from a known good source without any surprises check out, free shipping on all orders and currently running a 10% off coupon for all new customers. I have had nothing but good experiences with their customer service and products.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below. As always share, follow, and like.

Thank you,


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