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CBDistillery Review – CBD e-liquid with Terpenes added

The e-liquid consists of triple filtered MCT oil, Grand Daddy Purp terpenes and of course a high-quality CBD oil extract. The label nor product information specify if the CBD oil is a full spectrum or an isolate. For vaping, my coils really like the isolates better because they do not gunk up as quickly. Looking at my coils I think this definitely is an isolate, very clean even at this strength.


Product : CBDistillery 1000mg CBD E-Liquid

CBDistilley Grand Daddy Purp eliquid review
The CBDistillery e-liquid with terpenes added

Additions\Flavor: Grand Daddy Purp terpenes (all natural)

Third Party Testing: Yes

Container Size: 15 milliliters

Strength: 1000 milligrams

CBD extract Type:  Isolate

THC:  0%

Cost: $60.00 suggested retail ($50.00 on sale)

Where to buy online:

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5


The CBDistillery: Grand Daddy Purp CBD e-Liquid Product Overview


The CBDdistillerys Grand Daddy Purp E-liquid is very concentrated at 1000 mg of CBD in a 15 ml e-liquid offering. This is the perfect concentration for a quick vape with maximum benefits. At this concentration, it will never be an all day vape for me, meaning something I just vape on all day, and keep topping off the tank, or refilling the pen. My needs are thankfully not in that range.

The terpenes add a very pungent and noticeable aroma that is familiar but without the chlorophyll green component. It does not smell like a Grand Daddy Purp cannabis plant exactly, and also does not leave an aroma confused for cannabis. No worries about vaping this in a public area where vaping is permitted.


Consistency – How thick or thin is it?


Because there is no Vegetable Glycerin (VG) or Propylene Glycol (PG) in the mix, this e-liquid is the thickness of triple filtered MCT oil. This e-liquid has very thin consistency. I had no issues at first with any leakage, but towards the end of my tank, I did get a small bit of leaking. Some leaks are to be expected at this consistency, as most of the established vape pens and tanks are designed for a thicker liquid with extra flow allowances built in, the best traditional non-CBD e liquids are usually much thicker.

There is no VG or PG because of health concerns associated, I know its debatable but accept this is the trend. I did not take anything away from the score because it is thin, although I would love to see it in an 80\20 or 70\30 ratio of vg\pg.

If you have vaped other MCT oil based e liquids then expect your equipment to respond the same way. My regular vape gear is showing signs of leakage at this consistency. I would not keep a full tank in my pockets due to leak concerns. I will be on the lookout for gear that does well with the these MCT liquids but I do not have a recommendation at this time.

  • If you have found some tank or pens that works really well with thin e-liquids please let me know in comments below so I can check it out.


Color – How does it look?


The e-liquid is very clean, nothing to be seen floating at all. There are no signs of separation of the CBD, sometimes e liquids with CBD will have residue like brown or tan watermarks on the inside of the bottle or around the dripper. None of those residues here, reflecting a highly filtered, fresh and well-mixed liquid. The separations can occur due to poor manufacturing, poor storage at too high a temperature, or just sitting too long before purchase.

The color was completely clear when I first got it. After it was opened it is a very light straw or golden color. I have stored it in a dark place at room temperature. I think the color is from the terpene additions or CBD oxidizing, again very consistent throughout the bottle. Nothing else has been added for flavor enhancement or to create an artificial color.

I am very pleased with the appearance and it’s consistency, a good sign of a high-quality product. The CBDistillery also put this in a clear bottle so you can see very well what’s inside. Many companies producing e-liquid use opaque containers preventing a buyer from seeing any of that separation or lack of clarity in the product. The clear bottle gets another nod of approval, nothing to hide here, I really like that.


Aroma – Terpenes are the main attraction


One of the entourage components in a full spectrum oil is something called terpenes. The terpenes advertised that have been added to this product are Grand Daddy Purp. There are a specific number of identified terpenes present in hemp and cannabis to one extent or another.

Different strains have different levels and different types of terpenes that create the unique aroma, flavor and by some evidence effect of each. Here is a link to a visual explanation of  15 Terpenes in the cannabis\hemp plant.

Grand Daddy Purp is a well-known strain of cannabis used by many medical patients for pain relief especially. The thought process goes that because certain strains of medical cannabis have different terpene profiles, that they may interact as part of the entourage to amplify or mute certain effects. It is not medically proven and there are no conclusive studies at this time.

That being said, this e-liquid has the terpene profile of the Grand Daddy Purp strain of cannabis. The aroma when you take the cap off is very pronounced and unique. The way it comes across is different at times, like a perfume. Sometimes I get the high notes of the scent, mostly evergreen pine but fruity notes are in there too!

I found myself just sniffing the bottle trying to identify all the different notes. The aroma is complex and I find it pleasing. It does not smell exactly like a Grand Daddy Purp cannabis plant as I said before. There is no green component and that makes it somewhat different and still very interesting.


Taste – Does it taste like it smells?


Thankfully this e-liquid taste just like it smells. With a brand new coil and fresh batteries, I put 2 ml in my tank and gave it a whirl. The pine notes come very strong in the flavor. I do get some berries and a touch of citrus, no earthy dark notes at all.

I find the taste very pleasing and soothing. Once I turned the voltage down to a lower level, the taste mellowed considerably. This is a very rich vape, a little and I was satisfied with the effects and flavor. Because it is such a strong concentration combined with a very pronounced taste I found I was satisfied and did not need anymore vape for a few hours.

The richness of the flavor is what I really liked about this e-liquid. I like it for just a bit, then it’s a little overpowering. A nice combination helps me to make sure I don’t over vape my CBD.

In fact, always remember with a high concentration like this it is easy to vape more CBD than intended.


The Verdict – Is this something I would recommend?


The CBDistilleries Grand Daddy Purp e-liquid is a great product. My shopping experience was superb, the website was easy to navigate, and when I placed my order it arrived in less than 4 days well packaged and in good shape. I made another product purchase of a CBD slab of pure isolate too. I will be reviewing that isolate in the near future. Shipping is free for orders over 75$, another nice bonus.

The only downside I have with the product is it is a thin e-liquid. I take care in what I vape and have done much research about VG and PG used for e liquids and am not as alarmed as some. The MCT is used to relieve some concerns in that area. The leaks are not something I have had to deal with in a while, but I am on a mission to find the best solution to the problem.

I have read some other personal reviews and one stated that this e-liquid tasted burnt.  I never had any burnt taste during my review. Remember that a higher concentration of CBD will always leave a build up on your coils and the taste can go bad quickly depending on the device.

I am sure this burnt taste originated from poor vape gear or old used coils. The coils used in most disposable pens foul quickly and if the temp is too high will get an awful taste quickly, even at lower temps the length of time the flavor stays good is limited.

Coil degradation is not an e-liquid problem in any way unless the e-liquid has excessive additives for flavor. Proper gear at proper temperature will give you the same great flavor and experience I am having.

At this strength, if you find you don’t like the vape taste you can always take it orally as a tincture so no worries. The flavor is strong and you will have an opinion of the flavor after just a few puffs.

If you like a complex pine taste, with a slight fruity note with your vape, and are curious about terpenes as an addition, I highly recommend giving this e-liquid a try. You can find this product and other CBD related goods at The CBDistillery.

If you have any questions or input about this review please put them in comments below.

  • I found that the taste got better with a bit of steeping (leaving the top open for an hour or two and shaking it from time to time). The pine notes flattened out and a very exotic berry fruit smell took over. Do yourself a favor and do this as soon as you get your bottle, you will be glad you did.


Thanks for reading,


PS: If you want to learn a little more about vaping and CBD check out this article           [What about vaping CBD – You need to know a few things]

6 Replies to “CBDistillery Review – CBD e-liquid with Terpenes added

  1. Fascinating! I do not vape anything, so I am not sure how it works compared to oral drops or any other method. Can you speak to how quickly vaping CBD works? If for chronic pain, is the result quite quick? Or is it slow but sustained? I honestly know nothing but I am trying to learn.

    1. Hi Irma,
      Thank you for visiting my site. I can tell you for sure vaping is one of the quickest methods available for consumption of CBD. Very little of the CBD is lost or passes through your body as an orally administered one would, and the effects happen almost at once depending on the concentration of the liquid. I have another article I neglected to put a link to. I have since added it. If you have more questions I think you will find many answered there. If you think of anything you would like answered I will do my best. Just leave me a message and I promise to reply.

      Have a fantastic weekend!


  2. I am always glad to see product reviews where someone actually bought it. You would be surprised how many people just read what they see online and make a review out of their research. While I do not smoke, one of my friends would be sure to enjoy this CBD E-liquid, so I will refer this article to him.

    I do have a question though. When looking at different CBD E-liquids, what factors do you consider? I am sure there are more CBD E-liquids out there than this one and I would like to weigh all of my options before buying one as a present for my friend. I look forward to reading your response.

    Thank you so much and I hope you make it a great day!

    1. Hi Alex, Thank you for the feedback and visit I really appreciate it. There are many things to consider when choosing a CBD vape product. I have written an article about many of the key points. It looks like I forgot to add a link in the review. I will add it now 🙂 [What About Vaping CBD – You Need To Know A Few Things]

      One thing I will be adding to that article is some of the potential side effects and extra caution about getting too much easily with higher concentrated liquids like this one. It really is something that only a few puffs would be needed for most for a few hours or even all day. If someone just filled up a cloud machine type vape tank and went at it way too much would be consumed very quickly.

      Thanks again and have a great weekend!


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