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CBDFX Review – 750 Series Hemp Capsules

CBDFX has CBD full spectrum extract 25 mg capsules in bottles of 30. I recently ordered a bottle to sample and review. When making a purchase online it is important to me that things are easy and that the merchandise arrives in good condition and with a quickness. My experience with this purchase could be described as that and I couldn’t ask for much better. The order arrived in 3 days.

Shipping was free and there was a 10% off coupon code I used to get an even better deal. Once I placed the order I immediately received an email confirmation and then another notification that the package had been shipped with a tracking number.

The ordering experience was great and no issue at all. I can say it was a pleasure and as it should be. I also got an email asking how everything went asking for feedback. I liked that.

CBDFX: 750 Series Hemp Capsules Product Overview


Product: CBDFX 750 Series Hemp Capsules

Container Size: 30 Count

Strength: 750 mg Total – 25 mg CBD, 125 mg Hemp Oil (aerial parts)

THC: < 0.3%

CBD extract Type: Full Spectrum

Hemp Origin: Imported from Europe

Production Location: USA \ cGMP Certified Facility

3rd Party Tested: Yes (PharmLabs San Diego)

  • Recent Testing results available on the product page

Cost: $59.99 suggested retail

Where to buy online:

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5


One of the problems I have had when vaping CBD or using CBD oil is not being sure how much I dosed for sure. Always feeling like I got an approximate amount is a bit irritating. It has taken a while to find my sweet spot in regard to how much CBD I need to get the desired results. With capsules, I am easily able to fine tune my regimen.

In capsule form, I know how much CBD I have consumed exactly.


The Packaging – Everything in order

Once removed from the box I saw the bottle had a tamper-proof collar around the top, the top also was child proof. Removing the cap then revealed another seal over the top of the bottle. Exactly what one should expect when purchasing something of this nature. The package and bottle were of good quality and nothing out of order or concern under inspection.

The label was thorough and easy to read. Listed ingredients of the capsules:

  • CBD rich hemp oil
  • Silicon dioxide
  • Gelatin

These capsules are not filled with liquid or gel, they are dry powder/micro crystal filled and white in appearance. This can be an advantage for portability and storage as they are not easily ruined by short periods of exposure to heat like in a pocket or purse.

  • Gel caps and liquid filled capsules can get messy and may stick together


The Aroma – Very Pleasant and Fresh


The aroma when I opened the bottle was that of slight terpenes and of fresh plant material. There was not any particular outstanding tone like pine or lemons, but then again it wasn’t earthy either. Overall a nice and pleasant smell, not overpowering and a bit subtle with an almost hop-like in scent.

The aroma matches the label as it is a full spectrum extract, meaning that terpenes, amino acids, and phytocannabinoids are present. The capsules allow air exchange so we get some aroma when opening the bottle. Capsules from a CBD isolate extract would have none of that terpene smell at all unless it was added.


The Effects – Now I know what 25 mg of CBD feels like


LikeĀ I started out this review saying, capsules are one of the best ways to get a measured amount of CBD consistently. I had a small breakfast and took my first capsule. It went down easily and I washed it down with the last of my coffee. I could tell it was working at around thirty minutes. It stayed with me all day at work and that was what I was hoping for.

I have had no stomach issues or problems at all with the capsules. I did get a little dry-mouthed at first, but nothing major. One morning I took my dose on an empty stomach. It started working much quicker but I did have a slight bit of reflux.

I would recommend making sure you at least have something on your stomach before taking a capsule. The directions recommend this too.

The CBDFX website on each product page has a link to the third party lab test results. I looked at these and also checked out the lab that certified the batch. Everything looked good. At this point that is all a consumer can do until there are industry standards or regulations agreed upon and put in place.

I can say each capsule I have taken has been consistent in effect and duration. Capsules are slower to take effect and the CBD is released in the stomach and in the gastrointestinal tract, not in the mouth and lungs. Tinctures are absorbed in a different way under the tongue and in the upper esophagus and stomach areas. Releasing or targeting regions for application just makes sense if you have a more specific need.

These capsules exceeded expectation in potency and effect.


Value – Waste not, want not


CBDX offers great value with free shipping, frequent discounts, and specials. Another thing that they offer is first responder and military discounts. I was impressed with these programs. If you are a first responder or in the military take advantage of the programs.

The price is good for a product of this quality. CBDFX hits almost all the bases:

  • Good website and secure shopping experience
  • Free shipping
  • Nice packaging
  • Full spectrum
  • Non-gmo
  • Third party tested with results available to view
  • Produced in a cGMP certified facility

The one thing that I have to take a bit away from this product is it is made with imported hemp. I would be able to give 5 out of 5 if the hemp was American grown and sourced from a state with a supervised program. The fact that it is tested and also manufactured here in the states does give me a bit more confidence in the quality and safety of the product.

One great thing about capsules is you always can see exactly how many more doses you have left. With tinctures, oils, and vapes it can be difficult to know how many more you have, I do not like to run out, so capsules help me in that regard.


The Verdict – Is this something I would recommend?


CBDFX 750 Series hemp capsules are the answer to help make it very easy to take a desired dose of CBD as part of your supplement plan. A downside is that they are only offered in 25 mg CBD capsules. I wouldn’t say this is a good first-time dose, I started with a much lower dose as most reliable sources recommend.

If your desired dosage is below that or in a different increment than 25 mg you will need to look to another supplier for the dosage you need. It would be nice to have different dosing option available and hopefully, CBDFX will expand this offering.

I can recommend these capsules with no hesitation. The price is good, the ordering process was a snap and the product is of high quality. I have enjoyed this bottle so far and may keep this as my regular brand, but with this site, I am trying other brands regularly. Time will tell which ones get a second nod. This is a good contender. You should try some of these and see the advantages of full spectrum capsules for yourself.

Click here to go to CBDFX website and learn more.

If you have any questions or input about this review please put them in comments below.

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