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Welcome to!  Here you will find advice about selecting CBD oil products. Lots of information to guide you on your CBD journey will be found. We will discuss different types of CBD products, the pros, and cons of them. Reviews will be a regular feature here as well as CBD related products and related gear. I will help keep you informed of any new developments in the world of CBD and always help keep you informed about your buying decisions.

Who am I

I am a lifelong learner with a passion for knowledge. I have worked primarily in the telecommunications field, but always in a technical one. I started installing private payphones in the 80’s right after the Bell Phone Companies were broken up and deregulated.

I have worked in all sorts of roles involving phone systems and high-speed data circuits. I have had the privilege of managing people and being a front-line employee on the phones. Working on installations and repairs in peoples homes was also a memorable experience that I enjoyed. Getting to meet people in their homes is like nothing else. I enjoy solving problems that are technical in nature, and really like to help others with theirs.

Currently, I work in a telecommunications technical support role in my day job. It keeps me thinking and I get to help people with issues every day. That is the work part of who I am.

The best parts of who I am includes my lovely wife Diane. We have been married now for over 29 years. I love her more today than ever. We have a grown son who has moved away and married. We have a dog named Boogie and a parrot named Elvis and plan on keeping each other, at least for now.

We came upon CBD when my friend at work told me had ordered some oil for himself, and a little for his grandmother. He said he had heard it would help them sleep better. I didn’t know much about it other than it was a part of the cannabis plant and was not THC. “Was it even legal yet?” I thought and wanted to try it out immediately, if not sooner.

My wife suffers from joint pain, anxiety and some insomnia. I found a CBD tincture and ordered it. We tried it not know much of anything about it other than it was supposed to help. Once she added the CBD to her daily routine her sleep improved and she says her joint pain is much better. I experienced similar results, especially my sleep.

We didn’t have great luck at first, but I started on a mission to find out more about what CBD was supposed to do and how it was supposed to work. This led us to experiment with her doses and forms she took. It turns out gel caps worked best for her,  once a day in the late afternoon and she likes to vape a bit in the mornings or as a stress reliever.

Myself, I was diagnosed early on with ADD and or ADHD and was prescribed medication to combat the negative effects of my condition. The medication helped some but had really bad side effects. I was inconsistent in taking the medications and have had a lifelong struggle to try to stay focused and on task.

The side effects became so severe I quit taking anything early in my teens and ventured into self-medication with cannabis. The only way I found relief and could stay focused depended on the types of cannabis I could secure.

As an adult, this strategy was no longer valid due to my maturity and understanding of the consequences I could bring down on myself. I had a family and a good job and didn’t want to do anything stupid. I just suffered in silence and made out the best I could.

Studying relentlessly about the plant, what I found out was it was not just the THC (the part that gives euphoria/ high) that provided the effects in total when used. My studies let me know depending on the combination and proportions of THC CBD and other compounds found in a particular plant will change the overall effect.

After a similar amount of trial and error, I found a workable dose and means that seems to be helping with my concentration and ability to stay focused. I also notice I tend to feel more upbeat than I used to.

I am a mature adult in a non-medical cannabis state except for certain conditions and then only oils are allowed. Not only is cannabis not a ready solution for me, it is highly illegal and forbidden.

As you can imagine, I was very glad that not too long ago CBD has arrived allowing easy access. Once again I can get some benefits I enjoyed as a rebellious youth but need much more as an aging man. Let me share my discovery of knowledge and continuing journey with you.


Information eases fear

CBD has so much misinformation being distributed about it no wonder many are on the fence about whether it may be helpful to them. I want to share my experience and results of my research with all the visitors to this site.

Hopefully providing enough solid information to allow an informed decision about CBD. I know many will have eye-opening results and will make things so much better. Much may not have the same experience, but knowing all of your options and safely trying them is a good thing too.

I hope to make a difference by exposing as many people as possible to the may uses of CBD and hemp derived products and help make sure they make informed buying decisions.


The purpose of our site is to encourage the exploration of the uses and effects of CBD and Hemp derived products. We aim to entertain you and inform you by scouring the net and printed media world for all things CBD. We hope you enjoy your visit.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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